10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts is a crop of the sedge family widespread across much of the world.It is found in most of the Eastern Hemisphere, including Southern Europe, Africa and Madagascar, as well as the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent

Tiger nuts, also known as chufa, yellow nutsedge or earth almonds, are not actually nuts, but rather edible tubers.

Tiger nuts have been cultivated since centuries. While the Egyptians and Nigerians appear to have used them first, the Spanish have been using tiger nuts to make horchata (a creamy drink) since the 18th century.These nuts are now making a comeback, thanks to their multiple health benefits.

They’re rich in a variety of nutrients and have been linked to several health benefits — ranging from better digestion to a reduced risk of heart disease.

For all these reasons and more we want to share some characteristics of the tiger nuts that make them ideal in diets designed to live a healthy life.

1. High fiber content that keeps your body in shape

The chemical composition of tiger nut outlines the large amount of fiber that it contains and which is clearly beneficial to keep the digestive system in perfect shape. Ingesting fiber is the best ally to end constipation problems, since fiber is a natural stimulant to evacuate regularly.

The fiber is present in all diets that aim to loose weight and are widely found in foods such as prunes, chia seeds or whole grains. However, it is proven that fiber levels found in the tiger nuts are superior to this food. This is why these tubers are now beginning to get more and more popular. The increasing consumption of tigernut flour may seem novel, but it has been made since ancient times. Now that there is a great demand for new products and healthy flavors, when the popularity of the tiger nut begins to spread around the world

2. May Improve Digestion

Tiger nuts may promote a healthy digestion in various ways.Most native doctors recommend tiger nuts for patients who suffer from indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation, because of the digestive enzymes like catalase, lipase and amylase present in it. These enzymes help to break down foods in the gut and relieve gas. They also contain high amount of insoluble fiber which helps to feed friendly bacteria in the gut. Tigernuts have been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Tiger nuts are also presumed to contain resistant starch, a type of fiber that can feed the friendly bacteria in your gut, helping your digestion run smoothly.

Moreover, tiger nuts may contain enzymes, such as catalases, lipases and amylases, which help break down foods in your gut, relieving gas, indigestion and diarrhea.

Keep in mind that the high fiber content of tiger nuts may initially cause unpleasant gas or bloating. Those interested in trying them should increase their portions gradually.

3. Good replacement for cow milk

Tiger nuts milk is an excellent replacement for people who have lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is a condition that is associated with inability to digest fully sugar (lactose) that is usually found in diary products. Tiger nut milk is plant based and does not contain lactose.

4. May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Tiger nuts may help keep your blood sugar levels in check.Animal studies show that tiger nut extract may help reduce blood sugar levels. This may, in large part, be due to the high fiber content of the tubers which may slow down the absorption of sugar in the gut.

Tiger nuts are also rich in the amino acid arginine, which may increase insulin production and sensitivity, both of which are important for blood sugar control.

Moreover, test-tube studies show that tiger nut extract may inhibit the action of carb-digesting enzymes in your gut.

As a result, less sugar may be absorbed from your gut in a way similar to the action of some blood-sugar-lowering diabetic medications. This is thought to potentially lower blood sugar levels.

5. High source of vitamin C and E

About 28g of tiger nuts provides the body with 28% of the daily value(DV) of vitamin E and 2-8% DV of vitamin C. These vitamins increases the body immunity to fight infections, improves eye sights, aids in fertility and they help in protecting the body against free radicals that are harmful to the body.

6. Treatment of Erectile Problems

Tigernuts are packed with vitamin E which is essential for fertility in both men and women. The treatment of erectile dysfunction is regarded as the major health benefit of this food, although there might not be any medical evidence to support this claim. Natives of Nigeria, Ghana and China have been using this nutritious food drink for decades as palliative for treating erectile dysfunction and menstrual problems.

7. Natural Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is scientifically proved for maintaining a healthy functioning of the body. It is valuable for nervous system, muscle function, high blood pressure and strong bones.

100g of tiger nuts provides the body with about 13-17% of the daily value of magnesium needed by the body. Magnesium is very essential in the body because it is involved in many biochemical reactions in the body. magnesium aids the effectiveness of calcium which is necessary for strong bones and teeth. Magnesium can be used to elevates mood hence it is a good tool to combat depression. Also research has shown that magnesium can be used to prevent and treat migraine headaches.

8. Highly Rich in Arginine

Arginine is a type of amino acid which maintains the width of the blood vessels to ensure normal flow of blood. It is highly valuable for treating chest pain, erectile dysfunction, heart failure, artery disease, muscle cramp and headaches.

9. Rich source of Non animal protein

Tiger nuts have been found to be one of the richest source of non animal protein. Animal protein is associated with higher incidence of fats and bad cholesterol. Tiger nuts contains monounsaturated fatty acids that helps to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body

10. It helps prevent cancer

Tiger nuts contains some unique anti oxidants properties that protect the body from free radical which are the molecules with an unshared electrons. Unshare electrons react with oxygen to create reactive oxygen species which is damaging to the body. Vitamin E also protects the body by stopping the development of reactive oxygen which prevents the development of cancer in the body system.




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