10 interesting facts about the world bravest animal – lion

Lion-panthera Leo has a great charisma which simbolizes courage and strength. With the ability of of giving great roars which is capable of shaking preys from distance,lion is a popular  beast in the animal kingdom and the world in entirety loves to watch it because of its astonishing lifestyle.

Here are some facts about the world fierce beast.

1.lion belongs to the cat family and its is regarded as the largest of the Big cat, has a height of approximately four foot, over seven foot long,heavy and brave, uneasy for preys to escape with up to 500 lbs in weight

2.  lions spend  time urinating around where they hid them self,this makes it very easy for them catch their prey without any setback because there is no chance of survival for the prey. The lion urine is capable of trapping preys and it seems impossible for preys to excape the attack of the predator panthera. 

3.lions are very lazy, in the big cat family because they spend 20hours every day sleeping in a shaded cover, to keep them warm always, the adult males are very lazy out of all, letting lioness do most of the hunting which amount about 90% each day

4.there are no  specified  when lion do their hunting, they can hunt anytime.

When lions tends to hunt wild beast they move as a coordinated pack setting a perfect formation to attack their prey.

5.lions are capable of killing any animal that’s come their way from the smallest to the wild beast  which they feed for several meals.

6.lions are mainly scavengers, they feed on meet only, and they only drink waters when it’s available either from river or any available source, it’s has the ability of surviving on the moisture they get from their foods.

7.when the lioness are on heat period she chooses a male companion of her choice,

Which they mate constantly for the next few days.

8.young lions at age 2 are old enough to hunt themselves.

9.the average life span of a lion is up to 30 years, most lions live long because there is no predator to take them captive. The only real predator of the lion is man, but nowadays anyone who kills this beast unlawfully will be penalized.. And this is taking place is most part of the county where they exist today.. People use them for tourist and are kept in the zoo.,this is a great business because lions are loved by people even those it is a death machine.

10.lioness give birth to about 2-3cubs that weigh about 3lbs after gestation period which takes up to 105days.










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