17 year old girl arrested for raping a man at knife-point

A 17-year-old girl faces the possibility of spending the rest of her life in jail for allegedly raping a man at knife point.

Lestina Marie Smith, has been arrested by the police in the United Kingdom for allegedly raping a 19-year-old man while holding a knife to her victim’s throat.

UK Metro reports that Smith reportedly committed the crime in Saginaw, Central Michigan, after she held down the man, pulled a knife on him and forced him to have both vaginal and oral sex with her.

According to the report, the teenager was apparently high on drugs when she committed the crime and is being held without bail in the Saginaw County Jail and could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.

She was arraigned on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and is next due in court on February 3, 2017, for sentencing.

This not the first time a lady is seen raping guys.

In a related case, A man in South Africa has reported how he was kidnapped by three women and gang-raped for four days.

Many men would love to be in the position of this Gauteng, South Africa man who has filed a report of rape and sexual assault at a police station, the Tembisan newspaper reports.

According to the Tembisa police spokesperson, Captain Manyadza Ralidzhivha, the 31-year-old man who cannot be named, opened a case of rape after he was abducted by three women and repeatedly sexually assaulted » for four days when the women gave him a lift.

The man told the police that he caught a lift on a Saturday with the three women from Germiston to Tembisa.

The trio were driving a BMW and drove around with him until they reached a garage in Oakmoor, Tembisa. When the women got to their destination, they demanded payment and when the man told them he had none, they pointed a gun at him and blindfolded him.

Capt. Ralidzhivha said:

“He was then gang-raped by the three women. He was kept as a sex slave until Wednesday morning when he was given a cold drink. After drinking the beverage, the victim claimed to feel sleepy.

The man was later found sleeping under a bridge in Olifantsfontein by people. He immediately came to the police station and opened a case of rape.

Also, in another news, A 46-year-old South African woman has been arrested and charged to the Bolobedu Magistrate Court, for

raping a 22-year-old man, leaving him with swollen genitals, the South African Times Live » reports.

The police say the woman who lives in Bolobedu, Limpopo area, lured the young man into her home by asking him to carry out some repair works for her but instead, locked him in her house, undressed him and raped him all through the night.

Police Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said:

“She lured him into the house, locked the door, undressed him and raped him for the whole night.

Preliminary investigation revealed that she gave the victim a concoction to drink which made him unconscious, before she allegedly raped him.

He has been discharged from hospital and is recuperating at home. He was seriously injured.”

Colonel Ngoepe also said that the man’s genitals were swollen in the morning and he was taken to hospital while the police were called and the woman was arrested.

The female rapist was granted R1000 bail and the case was postponed to February 9 while the police’s investigation would include determining the mental state of both the man and the woman.


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