3 Interesting Facts About Big Brother Show in Nigeria

Big Brother Nigeria which we now know as Big Brother Naija is one favorite reality show in Nigeria. Two editions were already telecast on MultiChoice Nigeria and had got some of the finest reviews and high ratings.

The producers are now pumped up to start another season of this reality show. Search, and auditions for the next batch of Big Brother Nigeria housemates has already begun. Many people are eager to participate in this show to gain the popularity and also to win the prize money. The viewers are in excitement to see who will be selected to participate in this awesome show.

Many people who do not watch TV on a regular basis do not know much about this TV show. They do not understand how the housemates are selected and so forth. Here are some details about the Big Brother Naija that will interest you.


Everything You Should Know About Big Brother Show: It is a reality show that is a franchise of the TV show Big Brother that is popular across the globe. Its creator John de Mol Jr. first broadcast this program in the Netherlands. Now almost 54 nations have their version of this TV presentation.

In this program, 12 housemates are taken and placed in an isolated house. They are made to do various physical and emotional activities. On top of it, the contestants should stay in the show until three months to win the prize.

Audiences also have the option to evict the participant from the show. They decide this through the voting process. The last participant to stay will earn the prize money and other perks. Most importantly, it is one fantastic way to gain the popularity and following.

The Third Season: The first season of this reality show happened in 2006, and people were eager to watch the show every day. The winner Katung Aduwak went on to win the enormous price of $ 100,000. Celebrities such as Gideon Okeke and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu became quite famous as a result.

The 2017 show is no less than the 2006 version. It has introduced us to some unique personalities like Efe, Marvis and so forth. Efe was the winner of the second season, and he got around N25 Million as prize money and an SUV.

Now that the third season has begun, we can expect much hype, and sure the prize money will increase drastically.

They Select Participants in This Manner: If you are wondering who can participate in this show, anyone interested can apply for the show. The main criteria, however, is that the person should be a Nigerian who is around 21 years of age. The person should also hold a valid international passport.

Participants should make a short video of them/selves and submit it with an online application. Only after receiving these things, the organizers will consider the participants for further evaluation.

With so much hype that is going on, the Big Brother Nigeria housemates they select this year will be fantastic. We will have yet enjoy another season of high-level drama and entertainment.

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