“4.6 Million Naira School Fees Is Cheap, I Pay More For My 3-Year-Old” – iROKO TV boss, Jason Njoku says

Co-founder and CEO of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku has revealed that parents who pay school fees of 4.6 million Naira are having it cheaper as he pays more for his three kids in Montessori school.

A Twitter user identified as @ugodre took took to the platform to share a photo of the provisional bill for a school in Epe, Lagos State, with school fees of 4,643, 901 Naira. The school fees sparked numerous reactions as some agued that it was exorbitant with others arguing it was moderate.

The father of three, Jason Njoku also slid under the comment section of the post and made it known that the N4.6 million naira fee is very cheap for a boarding school and he pays way more for his kid.
Jason Njoku pay

He wrote,

“Most Nigerians don’t realize but most things in Nigeria are actually super cheap by African (forget global standards). For Tier 1 education in Africa (forget about globally) this for boarding school is cheap. I pay more for my 3-year old’s montessori school.”