5 reasons your ex is still trying to contact you

5 reasons your ex is still trying to contact you: It might be annoying when an ex continues to text you frequently. Do you ever consider their motivations, though?

Some ex-lovers are notoriously difficult to forget. It almost seems as if they are unaware of what it means for a relationship to end. They continue to text you and make additional attempts to contact you as if nothing has changed and that split never occurred.

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The difficulties you have when you have an ex like this have all been discussed here; but, if you’re wondering why they keep in touch with you, here are five potential explanations.

1. They lack the ability to continue.

The idea of moving on can be difficult to understand for some people. Either that, or they make a concerted effort to act like the breakup never occurred.

To make this kind of ex understand that you really meant it when you claimed you were no longer interested in the relationship with them, you will need to be forceful.

2. You found another person.

Other times, ex-lovers will text you if they find out you’ve moved on from them through social media. They might carry out this action in order to congratulate you.

3. They’re only out to get you.

Yes. Some ex-lovers really are that petty. He or she might give you a call, text, or social media message to say something absurd about your new partner’s appearance or something equally obnoxious.

4. Seeking another chance

Other times, your ex might be texting you to reconnect. He or she might text you if they feel bad about how they treated you when they had you and want another chance to put things right and treat you well.

5. They’re alone

He or she might simply be depressed and lonely.

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Extra Advice

A former partner might contact you out of pure horniness to see if you’re up for reliving your amazing relationship seks..

5 reasons your ex is still trying to contact you.