“No one can judge me, no one is feeding me” – Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has stated explicitly that no one can judge her since no one is feeding her.

She shared a post on an Insta Story as a response to a statement made by her colleague, OAP N6 after she was bashed for her statement made concerning singer Kelly Clarkson receiving a court order in the US to pay her ex-husband $200k as spousal support and child support.

Toke said in her new post that she’s not afraid of airing her opinion and she’s ready to learn if she’s wrong.

“The freedom that comes from not trying to impress the world, Not caring if you’re liked or not, Not trying to fit in, Not allowing the crowd mentality own you is priceless. I am not afraid of airing any opinion, If I’m wrong I learn, If I’m right, I welcome diversity. So many people are too afraid to live for the fear of judgment. No one can judge me, no one is feeding me, no one deserves that much power”.

Toke Makinwa judge feeding