A Child Who Sucked The Mother’s Breast Well Have Sense – Onyii Alex Berates Naira Marley

Actress Onyii Alex has berated Naira Marley over his fantasies of sleeping with a mother and daughter someday and still defending himself.

Naira Marley yesterday got dragged and slammed by some mothers and ladies who felt offended with his claims of sleeping with a mother and daughter someday and still defending himself that he has the right to have a threesome.

Actress Onyii Alex reacting to that scolded him saying not everything that they use to catch a cruise on social media and in everything he does, he should respect mother as they play a very important role in everyone’s life.

According to Onyii Alex, unless the mother of Naira Marley is molding girls then he’s free to try his cruise of sleeping with a mother and the daughter with them but if not, he should respect the mothers of others.

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Adding that Naira Marley shouldn’t come and give them any shameful cruise with his fantasies as it’s shameful for him to utter such words on a big platform as Instagram insulting him that a child who has sucked the breast of his mother well have sense.

Most people have berated Naira Marley over his post and some don’t see anything wrong with it because he’s trying to be himself and even Naira Marley himself has been defending his action but as a public figure it was wrong for him to say that.

screenshot below;