Actor Benedict Johnson Warns His Former Bestie Uche Elendu After Calling Him A Woman Wrapper

Nollywood actor Benedict Johnson has warned his former bestie Uche Elendu after calling him woman wrapper for listening to his women and ending their 3yrs beautiful friendship.

Uche Elendu yesterday reacting to Princess Shyngle’s claims of man and woman not being besties without knacking used her relationship with Benedict Johnson as an example saying they were friends for over 3yrs and did sleep with each other but ended the relationship because of what his women told him about her.

Even though Uche Elendu didn’t mention Benedict Johnson’s name, he knew Uche Elendu was talking about him looking at what she wrote and what really got him angry was the fact that Uche Elendu called him a woman wrapper who listened to what his women made up against her to break their friendship.

Benedict Johnson in a video warned Uche Elendu to stop calling him out in her indirect post saying he has decided to let a sleeping dog lie and that doesn’t mean he can’t fight her or call her out like she’s doing or doesn’t have the guts to face her on the gram.

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According to Benedict Jonshons, he’s a fighter and a very good one at that but he wouldn’t want them to rub their faces in the mud and doesn’t want to come out in the public view to say what transpires between him and her as they were best friends for 3yrs and a lot happened within that 3yrs.

Benedict Johnson added that they shared a lot together for the 3yrs they were friends but confidently said Uche Elendu isn’t a good person because she did a lot against him but he decided to move on despite the fact that people around him wanted him to fight her but he never did.

Video below;