Actor Prince Eke Creates Panic In A U.S Neighborhood After 6hrs Of Lecture On How To Cook Egusi

Actor Prince Eke has revealed how he caused panic in his neighborhood in the U.S while trying to cook Egusi soup after 6hrs of lecture.

Actor Prince Eke disclosed that after going through a 6hrs lecture on how to cook Egusi soup, he ended up creating panic in the neighborhood he’s living in the U.S when he tried cooking exactly what he learned online.

According to him, while he tried cooking the Egusi soup he learned, all he realized was smoke everywhere and the next thing he saw was his neighbor asking him if the house was burning or something happening in the house.

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Prince Eke then told his neighbor that he was cooking soup and the look on his neighbor’s face could only be imagined as his neighbor didn’t seem to understand why cooking soup could generate such smoke.

It’s obvious actor Prince Eke doesn’t know how to cook Egusi soup as he ended up causing panic in his neighborhood getting people next to him worried as if his house was burning only to know that he was trying to cook.

screenshot below;