Actress Dorcas Shola Gets Emotional As Her Cabbie Prays For Her For Adding Extra Cash

Actress cum DJ Dorcas Shola has been so emotional after her uber driver started praying for her for adding some extra cash to her original transportation fare.

Dorcas Shola shared the video of her cabbie holding her hand and praying for her for adding some extra amount of money to the original transportation fare she’s supposed to pay and that made her emotional at that moment.

Dorcas Shola revealed how patient and sweet the Uber driver was and he started crying and praying for her for adding something extra for him to use for whatever he wants making her emotional as well.

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Dorcad Shola being emotional over how sad and happy the Uber driver was is normal as people of his kind are rare to come by these days and even now the drivers are ready to kidnap and kill their passengers therefore meeting someone like him is just a blessing.

The video of the Uber driver holding the hand of Dorca Shola while praying for her has taken over the internet and while some people praise him for his goodness and humbleness others seem to have a problem with Dorcas for filming the whole process.

Video below;