Adekunle Gold Shocked After Simi Claimed They Want To Rush Her But She’s In A Relationship

Singer Adekunle Gold has been shocked after his wife Simi claimed that people want to rush her but she’s already in a relationship with someone else.

Simi sharing a video of herself swimming captioned it saying they want to rush her but she’s in a relationship without saying who she’s in the relationship with but it’s obvious is her husband Adekunle Gold.

The reply of Adekunle Gold to the post of Simi appears to be an expression of shock as he might never know some people were rushing his wife and he’s only finding out about that on Instagram when she made it public.

Simi has already stated that she’s in a relationship and we are guessing she’s talking about her marriage with Adekunle Gold though she didn’t mention his name, and his reply to the post insinuates that he’s shocked.

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Some netizens reacting to the comment of Adekunle Gold were making fun of him asking whether he’s shocked with what Simi wrote while others were just laughing using emojis to express themselves.

they want to rush me, but i’m in a relationship.

she wrote

screenshot below;