Alcohol mixing:reason why you should avoid mixing alcohol.number 3 will shock you 

1. Alcohol is made with excess sugar

When you pile sugar, it creates more problems like health issues, abdominal pain. Sugar contains more calories and when. You take too much sugar you gain weight without control. Which can graduate to heart problems sooner or later


2.It can lead to over intoxication

When the body is over intoxication, the alcohol overwhelmes the body, and the body is controlled by alcohol. This is very dangerous because it can cause accident, and the victim will not feel the damage until it is supressed

3it can damage the brain cells


Alcohol damages the end neuron of the brain which are called the dendrites. This affects the communication system of the brain which makes addict to misbehave. When the neurons weakens to the final stage. It can result to insanity or abnormalities of the body system.




Avoid mixing alcohol

I hope this is helpful




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