Alex Ekubo’s Fiancee Leers At Him For Calling Her His Sister – Video

The fiancee of actor Alex Ekubo, Fancy has got the internet buzzing after leering at him for calling her his sister while they were out having some fun.

Alex Ekubo and his fiancee Fancy are set to tie the knot this year and after announcing their engagement have been bombarding us with videos of them having fun and chopping love at wherever they find themselves.

A recent video shows Alex Ekubo hailing his girlfriend Fancy while they were eating ice cream but then spoiled the fun of it when he called her his sister saying she calls him brother and he calls her sister.

Fancy leered at Alex Ekubo when she heard him calling her sister to show that she’s not interested in him calling her his sister afterall she’s his fiancee and they will soon be joined together as husband and wife.

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The video is circulating on the gram and everyone who chances on it talks about Alex Ekubo’s fiancee Fancy’s reaction when she heard him calling her his sister indicating that she’s not pleased with him calling her that.

Leering is to look with a sideways or oblique glance, especially suggestive of lascivious interest or sly and malicious intention and that was exactly the message Fancy put out there when Alex Ekubo called her his sister.

video below;