Alex Unusual Reacts After An Obsessed Fan Claimed He Wants To Be Her Slave

BBNaija reality show star Alex Unusual has reacted shockingly to the claims of an obsessed fan who wanted to be her slave because he loves her.

Alex Unusual in her usual self tried interacting with fans by asking the weirdest $3xual request they have gotten from their partner only for her to get the weirdest request from a fan who is clearly obsessed with her.

While some fans were busy sharing the weirdest request from their partners with Alex Unusual, this particular fan made a weird request asking Alex Unusual that he wants to be his slave because he loves her and very submissive.

Alex Unusual seems to have gotten the shock of her life with this request hence shared a meme to show how shocked she is and an emoji running away for her peace of mind and didn’t even bother to say a word because the emoji says it all.

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How can you claim you want to be a slave to someone just because you love the person and Alex Unusual seems not to want any kind of trouble hence took to her heels to run away from that without saying anything about it.

The replies some of the fans gave Alex Unusual in relation to the weirdest $3xual request show there are a lot of weird things happening when it comes to $3x as some people even as their partners to lick their toes and anus.

screenshot below;