Alex Unusual Slams Buhari’s Aide For Saying This Is The Language Nigerians Understand

BBNaija star Alex Unusual has slammed Buhari’s aide Bashir Ahmed for saying this is exactly the language Nigerians understand after the Twitter ban.

Bashir Ahmed made fun of Nigerians after the government decided to ban Twitter and ignore the sufferings of the people and Alex Unusual has slammed him for that saying it’s clear he has no conscience as a person.

According to Alex Unusual, she knows Bashir Ahmed is the personal assistant to the president so it’s understandable that the recent ill-treatment of citizens and tamper with human rights makes him happy just like Buhari.

Alex Unusual added that she doesn’t know whatever it is that took his conscience away and by now he understands that he doesn’t have a conscience but one thing is for sure and that is they all shall reap what they sow.

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Alex Unusual then stated that until she sees any justified reason for these recent developments, all she knows is that they will all reap what they are sowing in the country today by tampering with the human rights of the citizens.

Alex Unusual seems angry with the post of Bashir Ahmed and she’s right to say he has no conscience as only a conscienceless fellow will be happy and made fun of the predicament of an entire country.

screenshot below;