Alleged blasphemy: “None of our children will attend school again” – Deborah Samuel’s parents

The aggrieved parents of the female student who was brutally killed by an irate mob in Sokoto have vowed that none of their children will attend school again.

Deborah Samuel, a Christian student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, was killed by her schoolmates on the school premises last Thursday over alleged blasphemy.

The bereaved parents, who noted that they have left everything to God and are not willing to seek legal redress for their daughter’s death, in an interview with Punch, vowed never to allow any of their remaining seven children to attend school again.

The couple revealed that the family had eight children, but that due to the tragic development, none of the seven surviving children would be permitted to return to school to avoid a repeat of the ordeal.

“We are not seeking redress in any court over the killing of our daughter. We are firm believers in Christ who always leave everything in the hands of God. No vengeance, nothing. Everything is left to our creator. We don’t want anything (from the government) but it is just unfortunate that we used all our resources to send her to school and now she is dead. She was my eldest child and I have seven others left.” Deborah’s father said.

In tears, the deceased’s mother, Alheri Emmanuel, added, “I have no demands; I don’t want anything but one thing I know is that my children will never go to school again.”