“Am I Not Beautiful, Am I Not Fine” – Esther Uzodinma Asks Her Fans, Wants To Know Why Men Are Not Rushing Her (VIDEO)

Nigerian actress and producer, Esther Uzodinma wants to know why men are not shooting their shots at her.

In a video she shared on her official Instagram page, she asked her followers so many questions in a bid to know if she isn’t a spec or beautiful in the eyes of men.

She asked;

“Am I not fine, am I not beautiful, Is it that guys don’t like light-skinned girls, is it my nose…? They are not approaching me oo, it’s not like.i am turning them down;”

Her followers reassured her that she has the beauty and is a spec so she just has to wait, the men will start rushing her.

black.jade_ wrote: You’re don’t worry the right man for you will come soon

glow__o__ree wrote; 😂😂no baby definitely not any of those

hushmerci_ wrote; There are many fishes in the river, golden fishes is the best… will you be my gf? yes or no if no why 😌

In other news, famous dancer, Korra Obidi has taken to her page to place curses on anonymous people reporting her to child protective services accusing her of abusing her children.

Korra Obidi and her husband Justine Dean have been going through marriage crisis and they have been making headlines on many blogs.

In a new development, Korra Obidi has shared a video on her page laying curses on anonymous people reporting her to the chld’s protective authrorities accusing her of abusing her children. According to her, the reporters have consistently reported her to the child protection and the agency has visited her apartment for an inspection several times.