Anita Joseph Says Her Boyfriend Feeds Her Because She’s Too Busy To Eat

Anita Joseph has been hiding the face of her boyfriend from Social Media now, and it just seems as if she’s ready for the world to know who her man his.

Recall, the actress had previously shared no makeup pictures, where she revealed that her man, likes her that way, with no fancy makeup, filters and all.

Now, in a new post, Anita has shared a glimpse of her boyfriend’s face.. In the picture the young man can be seen feeding her.

Her caption reads as thus; “Thanks for feeding me. Because I actually do forget to Eat when am busy. Ur d very best”

Meanwhile, Anita Joseph has declared in an interview with The Entertainer, that a specific amount of money, can’t make her go nude for a movie role. Below is an excerpt from the interview;

What’s your kind of man?

My kind of man must be spirit-filled. He must be a man that fears Jehovah God. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man that loves God. He must make me laugh. He must possess a good sense of humour. He must also be a power dresser and smell good.

Can you marry an actor or a comedian?

Yes I can. I don’t like loud men. I don’t like a man that picks or blows his nose anyhow, especially in the public.

Is that man in your life right now?


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