Aproko Doctor Advises On The Excessive In Take Of Salt

According to the doctor, so many reports have been made in regards to people going down with hypertension. He advised people to check their bloodline to know there is a trace o hypertension in their lineage. He said that the excessive intake of salt can harm a person.

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Aproko Doctor educated the fan on how hypertension works and how one can get affected. According to his education, when one’s blood pressure is not controlled, one or all of three organs become damaged. The organs at risk include the brain, the kidneys, and the heart. He added that one might either suffer from stroke, kidney disease, or heart failure.

He tweeted, “Please reduce the amount of salt you put in food. Reduce the number of salty snacks you take. Especially if you have anyone in your family tree with hypertension. There are more young people now coming down with hypertension, it’s alarming.

“Hypertension loves 3 organs. Your brain, your kidneys, and your heart. Over time, if your blood pressure is not controlled, one or all of these 3 organs become damaged. Either a stroke, kidney disease, or heart failure. Be careful, please. Pay attention”.

“Yes, your body still needs sodium in salt for other processes to try to keep it at a teaspoon of salt daily. Also, pay attention to the amount of sodium at the back of products you buy at the market. Your taste buds will adjust. Trust me”.