‘Ashawos’ Are Now Public Figures And Influencers – Kelly Hansome Advises Men

Singer Kelly Hansome has advised men to do background checks before getting married because all the ‘ashawos’ have turned public figures and influencers.

Kelly Hansome with some reasons best known to himself warned men not to rush into marriage without doing any background checks on the lady because all the promiscuous women have turned into influencers and public figures on social media.

According to Kelly Hansome, these women are now justifying their acts publicly on social media therefore his humble advice to young men about marry is to be very careful with the women they want to marry especially these celebrities.

He then added that he is not condemning anyone but rather just reminding all men that a goat can never give birth to a lion and there are so many strong invisible forces distracting one from facing reality hence one should be careful.

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Kelly Hansome also warned that before a guy thinks of getting married to a lady who thinks all women are prostitutes, he should remember that she already told you so if that happens don’t complain or blame anyone.

Kelly Hansome then cautioned men on what to look out for if their wives are friends with any of these women saying to realize all these is a very big thing since that solves the problem halfway because it won’t hurt as much as not knowing.

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