AY Comedian Joins Members Of The 5th Floor – Celebrates His 50th Birthday With Lovely Photos

Comic actor Ayo Makun better known as AY Comedian has joined members of the 5th floor as he celebrates his 50th birthday today even though he doesn’t look 50.

AY Comedian shared some lovely photos of himself to celebrate his 50th birthday and also appreciate life and thank God for all that He has done for him throughout this life journey and now he is on the 5th floor.

According to AY Comedian, it’s been 50 shades of hustle but then it feels good to be smiling on the 5th floor as not everyone gets it the way he has gotten it in life and some even don’t live to celebrate their 50th birthday like he is doing now.

It seems these our Nigerian celebrities don’t want to age at all as AY Comedian even though 50 looks like someone who is in his late 30s or early 40s but has shocked us all by saying he’s 50yrs today just like Kate Henshaw shocked us all on her birthday.

As usual, AY Comedian has been celebrated by fans and loved ones on Instagram but some still seem not to believe that he’s indeed 50yrs and just as they said to Kate Henshaw, they want to be or look like him when they also hit 50 forgetting that it solely depend on them to do that.

50 look good on AY Comedian and we wish him all the best as he has joined members of the 5th floor praying the Lord watches over him and his family and we hope his age doesn’t change his personality now that he is 50.

Photos below;