Baby Sitting Is Exhausting – Temi Otedola Laments After Spending Some Time With Her Nephews

Billionaire heiress Temi Otedola just like her sister DJ Cuppy has lamented over how hard it is to babysit after spending time with her nephews.

DJ Cuppy added two new members to the Otedola family and since then has been complaining of how hard and exhausting motherhood is and now her sister Temi Otedola has also lamented over how hard it is to babysit.

Temi Otedola visited her sister DJ Cuppy’s pink penthouse for the first time and decided to babysit her nephews and spend some time with them as well but got really exhausted after that hence lamenting over how hard it is to babysit.

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Mothers are really doing a very good job by taking care of their children till they are old enough to take care of themselves as looking at how Cuppy and her sister Temi Otedola are complaining it’s not an easy task to be a mother.

Babby sitting with her nephews seems so exhausting to Temi Otedola, what will then happen if she gives birth to her own child that she has to take care of until the child is old enough to take care of him/herself.

screenshot below;