Basketmouth Discloses How AY Comedian Messed With His Loyalty By Snitching On Him – Netizens React

Comedian Basketmouth has disclosed how his colleague AY Comedian messed with his loyalty by snitching on him to his lawyer about something they said in private.

Basketmouth speaking to Ebuka in an interview said he isn’t fighting AY Comedian but they fell out as friends because he snitched on him by telling his lawyer something he said to him in private and that broke the trust and loyalty they shared.

According to Basketmouth, AY Comedian has apologized for what he did and he has forgiven him a long time ago but they aren’t cool as they used to be probably that is why some people think they are beefing when they aren’t.

Speaking about Bovi being the cause, Basketmouth said he only met Bovi at a show and they vibed together very well hence he proposed a business to him and he also accepted and that was where they began their close friendship.

Netizens reacting to this seem disappointed in both Basketmouth and AY Comedian saying they try their best to make others laugh when they have been fighting themselves but the fact is they aren’t fighting but just no more friends as they used to be.

Breaking the trust of someone and messing up their loyalty is something that can’t be built in a twinkle of an eye therefore, Basketmouth might have forgiven AY Comedian after he apologized but the trust and loyalty are gone.

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