BBNaija Day 30: Music & Lights, Dear Diary & More Highlights

Did you watch day 30 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Music and Lights

A fresh new week means fresh new things for the Big Brother Niaja Housemates and since the new theme of “Art and Music” was announnced, there has definitely been some shifts in energy and dynamic.


In celebration of Nigerian art and music, Housemates held their first exhibition of the tie-dye fabrics they had been working in the garden area. They seemed genuinely surprised to contemplate the beautiful hues and patterns that came out of the work of their hands. The sheet were made into bed covers and Teddy A and Angel even managed to rock their own hand-dyed t-shirts. Ecstatic Housemates were later seen jumping around for joy, singing and dancing as they plunged into the Pepsi Roc Da Mat challenge, with a VVIP trip to London into the bargain.

Moving On

Ever since Tobi ditched Cee-C after an umpteenth quarrel, it seems that he has got his groove back for he won flat out the Head of House title for the third time. Common wisdom would want one to keep their friends close and enemies closer, but Tobi chose the latter and Nominated Cee-C and her partner Lolu (Ceelo) up for Eviction. As expected, Cee-C was not amused at all when the news of her possible impending exit hit her like a ton of bricks. She has fallen from the pedestal and looked hurt. Although they are also Nominated, Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) and Lifu (Ifu Ennada and Leo) took the news with a pinch of salt. Why not, after all Big Brother Naija is a game?

Don’t Mess with My Girl

Out of the blue, Miracle who had gotten everyone used to his quiet demeanor, blew off in Leo’s face, accusing him of meddling into his and Nina’s relationship. It was the second time that Leo has kept asking Nina about her relationship for he suggested that Nina has a boyfriend outside the House. Leo wanted to push Nina to admit that she was not a cheater. Given Nina tells Miracle everything, it was not long before an excited Miracle confronted Leo and asked him to stay out of their hairs.

Housemates “Roc Da Mat”

This week Biggie has implemented the Pepsi “Roc Da Mat” Task which gives the Housemates a chance to win extremely lush prizes at the end of the week.

Task Explained

Last night the Housemates were all requested to choose a song from a list provided by Biggie. Any time any of the songs selected is played all the Housemates have to find a mat at rapid speed in their pairs, put on their Pepsi T-shirt and dance their routine for that song. Each time this is done successfully they will get one point and each time they fail they will get zero points.


As Biggie played the first song for them to start Task, Tiwa Savage’s All Over it was such a scramble that Teddy A was literally smashed in the face by all the Housemates clambering to get to their respective mats. That was not the only brash consequence to this Task, Obviously it is the amazing prizes that are all motivating them so much but Cee-C once again had a full on go at Alex and Tobi for sitting on her bed which just happens to be close to one of the blue mats.

Rewards and Punishments

There are 14 boxes have been given by Pepsi, some contain amazing prizes and other contain punishments. While Angel opened a box yesterday that revealed an amazing Prize, today Anto opened a box that landed up being a punishment of separating grains and beans. You win some, you lose some.

Romantic Dynamic

After some significant time spent in the House it was obvious that there would be some romance in the House but this Season of Double Wahala has really thrown some spice into the pot of love.

Are They Aren’t They?

It has been a guessing game with a few of the Housemates and whether or not they are into each other or not. Ahneeka was quite the desired woman last week, both Rico Swavey and Angel were open and vocal about trying to pursue her but after a shifty few days, the vibrant Housemate seems to be leaning more towards Angel. In saying that, there has yet to be anything solidly romantic happening between them thus far. Lolu and Anto have also had people been questioning if they are in fact a Big Brother Naija couple or not. While Lolu’s intentions are clear, Anto seems to be on some days and off on others. This morning she seemed very much loved up on the bed, sharing kisses and cuddles to boot. Even though it is evident that there is something physical between Alex and Leo, it is unclear as to whether or not there are any legitimate feelings from either side. Leo has always said that it is just a strategic thing but as each day passes they just get closer and closer. He was also visibly shook when Alex and Tobi chose not to save him during yesterday’s Nominations.

Catching Feelings

While it all seems to be on the fence for the above Housemates there are those where everything is as clear as day. Nina and Miracle have been evidently romantically connected from Day one in the House and even though Nina is in a relationship outside of the House, time is proving that there are real feelings developing between the beautiful pair. Teddy A and BamBam had a very rocky start to their pairing as she was undoubtedly into his vibe while he was trying to play it cool, however, recent events in the House have proved that they are definitely an item of some kind.

Love Lost

Cee-C and Tobi have always been a source of contention in the House. In a classic case of turning tables, he was into her, she played hard to get and he got over it. Now Cee-C has been left feeling like she lost the battle which is ruffling feathers all across the board.

Wow, the romantic ride in the House has been wild so far but how much of it is real? Who do you think is making moves just purely out of strategy?

Sabotage in the House

Big prizes have put stars in the Housemate’s eyes and this has them doing all they can to win, even it means not playing fair.

The Stakes are high

After Angel revealed that one of the prizes boxes for the challenge was an all expenses paid trip to the One Africa Festival in London, the Housemates have feverishly been trying to get their points in for the Task. From basically knocking Teddy A out as they all ran to the mats initially to taking post close to the mats they have now “claimed“. It was not a rule in the House that the Housemates could stake claim to a specific mat but we all know the Housemates are not good at following rules. With only 6 mats and 7 pairs this is not really a fair way of doing things. This has caused some low key contention


Teddy A and Nina are fed up and they are making it known. As everyone is racing to the mats, the House’s most loved couple do not move in protest. Teddy A has now said that he is going to take someone’s Pepsi t-shirt and burn it due to the lack of sportsmanship in this competition. The other Housemates are obviously determined to be the ones that win but the methods they are trying to put in place to get there are dicey.

Do you think things are going to come to a head soon and who will be at the heart of the conflict?

Dear Diary

After all is said and done, the Game surpasses ant type of forming friendship and tonight’s Diary sessions proves just that. The Housemates reveal what motivated their Nominations.

Who Gets the Boot?

When asked which pairs they’d Nominated, The Housemates’ responses varied between wanting to test who had a strong support system outside the House and wanting to eliminate those who added very little value and wouldn’t be missed when gone. However, the general idea around the Nominations seemed to be centred around Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) and them being closed circuits, not entirely connecting with the other Housemates. This idea seems to stem from the fact that Housemates are feasting on friendships and romance rather that strategically making their picks; eliminating their biggest threats maybe.

The save and Replace Stunt

The HoH save also shook the walls of the House and was the cause of the sighs and heavy chested responses. Tobi’s choice to save Bamco (Bambam and Rico Swavey) and replace them with Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) made some Housemates uneasy while others understood that it might just be a strategy however, Teddy A felt that it was a bit of a sour move by the HoH. He felt that should it have been BamBam, despite any quarrel, we would have chosen to keep her in the House instead. Bamco also expressed their gratitude, labelling the event as ‘divine intervention’. This move might have potentially harmful repercussions as this could have been deemed as a display of heightened ambition and lack of loyalty. Seeing as friendship seems to be the order of the day, Tobi might just loose a couple of ‘I trust you’ points, having turned his back on someone he’s shared a bed with for the past couple of week. Has he shot himself in the foot?

Confidence Scales

Although there was a bit of confidence displayed, the Housemates had mixed feelings about who is most likely going to survive the chopping board this coming Sunday as the game has been somewhat unpredictable and the most unexpected this have happened. Over and above, it’s a ‘may the best man win’ world.

The Pepsi Task seems to be a mood lightener as the Housemates lit up when Biggie mentioned it and seem to be having bucket loads of fun. The revelation of the prices had motivated the Housemates to do better and aim higher.

The tension question seemed to be trick as some Housemates said they felt absolutely no tension, maybe these are just claims however, some Housemates did mention the Cee-C/Tobi cold war. On the other hand, the pairs are certainly sharpening the strategic moves so much so that Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) decided to put aside their romance and focus on the matter at hand, the Game. By the looks of things, the games have begun.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 30 activities?


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