BBNaija: “This Girl Has A Spirit” – Cross Laments Over Angel’s Mood Swings (VIDEO)

Cross had once urged Angel to put herself together and not let her mood take the best of her and more importantly he has developed a connection with her and does not like how she snaps out every time after a good moment they share.

Cross was with Angel when the latter walked away from him on Thursday night after their pre-Independence Day dinner at the garden and lamented about her behaviour and remarked that she has a spirit because she does not know how to understand her.


See some reactions below;

She’s clearly not happy because Cross was having fun despite her moody tantrums during the dinner. Baba was having fun with Pere. Emmanuel that gave her little attention would still feed Liquorose and do some lovey dovey things with her in Angel’s presence.


The moral of the story here is this girl hasn’t been loved before and probably doesn’t know how to receive lov and 2. She is depressed hasn’t dealt with her issues and past and she needs to deal with her past before moving on cos she will hurt pple .. 😢


I am fan of Cross but he is so ungrateful towards Angel. Angel is the only female in that house who has been there for you. When Nini insulted your intelligence and called you pea brain till you cried who comforted you? The way he treats Angel is not fair setting her up for people to drag her.


Angel is that kind of person that gets tired of things easily, like even during games we can see how she’s not so competitive, she gets bored easily even she said it so she’s kind of like me and honestly it can be exhausting to whoever is trying to love us, mostly happens with the opposite sex, we just blow hot and cold and ofcourse guys no dey get that much time but cross is still tolerating her cause he’s a darling,I’m sure when they leave that house she’ll be back to her bubbly self, that house sef alone fit give person mental stress and at this point, she might not say it but I think she’s tired of the game, especially as she’s stepped out the door last Sunday thinking she was going home,the tension don come drop, (it’s like when you beat a child all the time and she’s kinda used to being beaten) she might not feel tensed again till Sunday when the real thing starts….I wish her and every other housemate luck outside of the house….