Beg Your Favorite To Pretend To Love His Kids – Lady Tells Wizkid Fans After He Was Compared To Davido

A Nigerian lady has asked fan of Wizkid to beg him to at least pretend to love his two other sons after Davido

was dragged for being too accessible and compared to how Wizkid is.

After a video of Davido hanging out with BBNaija’s Angel hit the net, he was dragged for being too accessible and some even compared him to Wizkid asking him to learn from him and not meet up with everyone that wants to see him.

A fan defending Davido said the only reason why some people are mad about Davido being too accessible is that they keep comparing him to Wizkid forgetting that that is his personality in the first place.

This lady commenting on that said Wizkid‘s inaccessibility extends to his own flesh and she actually got attacked by Wizkid FC for saying that about their favorite when it’s nothing but the truth but they have refused to acknowledge it because of the love they have for him.

The lady replying to the fans of Wizkid asked them to leave her alone and beg their favorite to at least try and pretend to love his kids especially the ones that aren’t mixed race because children need their father shading him as she praises Davido saying his baby mama’s don’t have to beg anyone to help them so he talks to his children.

We all know Wizkid doesn’t give his other 2 sons the attention he gives Zion is the last boy for now and he has made it so obvious that he loves Zion more than the others which are very bad for the emotional stability of the kids and this lady is telling him to do the right thing as a father.

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