“Being a woman can make you wealthy if you are smart” – James Brown reveals

Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, James Brown is blessed with the rare talent of behaviorally switching genders and he has made a profound assertion about the power of being a woman.

The cross-dresser who recently made news headlines after his ‘sex tape’ got leaked, shared new photos of himself dressed in a male outfit, while also revealing that he has now dumped his titles, “Princess of Africa” and “Duchess of London” for “King of Africa”.

He shared the news photos on Instagram with the caption “Meet the king of Africa”.

A fan however took to the comment section to commend him for switching back to being a male because he looks better as a man than a woman.

The fan wrote: “You fine as a man, I don’t know why you acting like a woman. Madman”

Responding to this, James Brown then gave a congent reason he decided to hop on the cross-dressing career by saying that being a woman can make one wealthy if they are smart.

In his words : “Because it pays the bills naturally, Being a woman can make you wealthy if you are smart. I can teach!”