“Being Famous Is A Curse Sometimes” – Actor Mofe Duncan

Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan has taken to his Instagram page to rant after he was accused of lying when he said he bought a bunch of plantain for 6000 naira.

Mofe Duncan took to his page to share a photo of some ripe plantain he purchased on the market which he described as expensive. According to Mofe, four fingers of ripe plantain were sold to him at N6,000. However, some social media users attacked him and called him a liar.

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Mofe Duncan returned back on social media to react to the criticism and the name-calling by some netizens. He added that being a celebrity is a curse sometimes as he has to be extra cautious of what he posts on his page.

”It’s crazy though… 🤣🤣. • They weren’t there o but yet they are soooo sure of the facts. ☆
☆ Celebrities… una dey try sha. You marry… na lie. You break up… na lie. You give birth… na lie. You have a bestfriend… na lie. You build house… na lie. You dey date… na lie. You go school… na lie. You travel… na lie. You say something… na lie. You don’t say something… na still lie.”

”Everything u do is questioned and dissected. Una dey try sha. ☆ BUT THEY LOVE ME SHA… I’m glad I help their business. Constantly on the blogs… con-stant-ly! As in… I need to start getting paid for this shit. ☆ You scrutinize every post you are about to put up because you have to be sure IT IS NOT BLOG WORTHY but alas… my extreme addiction and craving for plantain made the blogs.”

”After driving 1hr to find plantain, N6000 was a small token to pay for MY OWN HAPPINESS. Yet… I dey lie. Na wa o! Being famous is a curse …sometimes. ☆ D bloody plantain no even sweet sef! Na dat one dey pain me pass!”