Being fat or skinny is not body shaming, if that’s the way your body is” — Singer, Dencia

Award-winning singer, Dencia has opined that there is nothing like body shaming, if people are describing the actual body size of a person.


According to the Cameroonian singer, she doesn’t see why describing a person’s body size or features is being called body shaming — especially if the said person actually has that body size.

While taking to Instagram to pour out her thoughts, Dencia asked people to desist using the term “body shaming” against true descriptions of body size about them.


Meanwhile, she also reiterates that everybody should embrace their “truth” and not be ashamed of being described that way by others.

Dencia wrote on her Insta Stories, quoting an earlier tweet made on social micro-blogging platform Twitter;

“U can’t let ur truth hurt u. It’s not an ins*lt, it’s u and u should embrace it. Let me mind my skinny legs”

Refer to her post below: