Beware Of Loving Any Woman Other Than Your Wife – Drake Warns Men

Canadian rapper Drake Graham has shared some words of advice after being crowned the artist of the decade asking men not to love other women other than their wives.

Drake in his post advised almost every individual but then ended with a very good one to men asking them to beware of loving any other woman than their wives because that might be very dangerous for them.

According to Drake, one must never show anger at slight and tell nothing but make sure to earn respect from everyone by their deeds and not words that you say, not forgetting about your blood family members.

Drake added that gambling is recreation and not a way to earn a living therefore you must love your father, your mother, your sister, and think harder about who you call your brothers since sometimes blood relations can hurt you.

Drake then went ahead to warn men to beware of loving any other woman than their wives something that most men find themselves doing and that results in the side chicks and baby mamas they get even though they are married.

Drake’s post stresses relations and how you treat the people around you which shows how much he values his blood relations but then warned that one should be careful of those they call brothers because sometimes some are not.

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