Blowing Out Someone’s Candle Won’t Make Yours Shine Brighter – Alex Ekubo Says

Actor Alex Ekubo in his daily motivational message to fans has revealed how important it is to support others and not try to bring them down.

Alex Ekubo in today’s motivational post advised individuals that until it’s your time, you have to help and support others who are already making it there as trying to bring them down won’t automatically take you there.

According to Alex Ekubo, until it’s his turn, he will continue clapping for others as he loves seeing people boss up and live life on their own terms hence he wouldn’t try to bring anyone down in one way or the other.

Alex Ekubo then advised his fans to live their life according to how they want it and buy that car, be with who they want to be with, build that house they want, go on the vacation they want to go, post fire photos, and all if they can.

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But then concluded with a proverb saying he has come to realize that blowing out someone’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter which simply means if you don’t support those who are making it doesn’t mean you will automatically make it.

Until it’s my turn, I’ll continue clapping for others.
I Love seeing people Boss up & live life on their own terms.
Buy that car, be with who you want to be with, build that house, go on that vacation, post fire photos, I will like, & comment.
You know why?
I’ve come to realize that blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make mine shine any brighter?

Abeg make una take this #FridayMotivation use am today 💯

he wrote

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