Bobrisky’s Former P.A Oye Reveals He’s Sleeping With Some Popular Married Male Celebs

Crossdresser Bobrisky‘s former P.A. Oye has made another allegation against him claiming he has been sleeping with some married Nigerian male celebs.

According to Oye’s post, Bobrisky is gay and the kind of people he sleeps with will surprise all of us if she mentions names as some are married others aren’t and they might even lose a lot of things if she starts mentioning names.

Oye who has been in the house of Bobrisky for the past 3 months claimed a lot has been happening in his house that she wishes to forget about them all because even if she says it people won’t believe her or believe Bobrisky could do that.

She also added that are a lot of male celebrities who are married but are still sleeping with Bobrisky insinuating the Bobrisky is gay and these male celebs are all gays but are married using it to cover up who they are.

Bobrisky has once denied in an interview that he’s gay claiming he’s still into women even though he’s dressing as a woman but his former P.A. Oye has claimed that he’s gay and is sleeping with some married male celebrities.

screenshot below;