Body odour:things you should avoid, number 10 is very important 

1.Avoid taking too much spicy.  

Taking food rich is spicy can be very dangerous to the body, because when foods rich in spicy(like garlic, curry etc) release gases that contains Sulphur which give the body a smell when the body breaks it down

2.Always use deodorant 

Deodorant are helpful, especially when there is a sign of bad smell in the body

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3.Sometimes night shower can be helpful

When you take a shower at night, it helps to wash away sweats from the body, which will decrease chances of body odour

4.Bath regularly 

When you bath regularly, it helps to avoid getting unnecessary smell from body

5.Brush twice a day (especially if you have layered teeth or critera

It is very good to brush twice a day, some people brush once and have a good mouth smell and it doesn’t favor some. All that matters is brushing every corner of your teeth where food particles can hide.

6.It sounds weird but exercise can be helpful to keep your body if good sound health.


When you do exercise it makes your body free from infections which can give rise to body odour, and this will make you feel good, any day anytime

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7.Always use moisturizer or cleanser after heavy make up

When make up are tensed, it is very possible for the chemicals used in its production to find its way into the face and when they pile up they give your body unpleasant smell

8.Mints can be helpful

When you take mint it will help you have a fresh breath

9.Avoid taking too much ciggerattes

Cigarettes contains smokes which can be dangerous to the health. Health hazard, varies and smokes can give your body a permanent odour..

10.Avoid wearing underwear for long(twice or more )

One problem you get from underwear is that they get in touch with areas prone to sweat. Most especially bras are made with fabrics, and they get in moisture which can only be removed when washed. The sweat contained from the body are trapped and pile up to build up bacteria and other related infection which can cause rashes and body odour

I hope this is helpful


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