Bride Reveals How She Plans to Murder Her Husband With S,ex (Watch)

A newlywed Nigerian woman has sent people reeling with laughter immediately after she tied the knot with her sweetheart.

In a video we sighted on the Facebook page of AkPraise, the bride while still in the premises where the wedding took place, told her bridesmaids excitedly that now that she’s finally married, she will devour her husband with s,ex every second until he probably dies out of exhaustion.

The woman who can be best described as a whole mood altogether was heard saying in her native language that she’ll fire her husband with s,ex in almost every corner of the house notably the bathhouse, toilet, and kitchen.

Watch the video;

The bride’s father draped in his beautiful agbada outfit, sprung to his feet as he basked in the euphoria of the moment, and oh, what a way to do it. He led a fun-filled choreography session with some young men who cheered him on as he swayed his body to the rhythm of the song being played.