Burna Boy Subtly Shades Davido After Claiming His Wealth Is Generational

Grammy winner Burna Boy has subtly shaded his rival Davido after he posted saying his wealth is generational asking him to find somewhere to sit.

Even though Burna boy didn’t mention Davido’s name in his post, the fact that he made it just a few moments after Davido’s post makes some netizens think he’s subtly shading him and they have been shading each other always.

Davido and Burna Boy always shade each other and their boys also do their best with the subtle shade by supporting their favorite but this time around it’s between the self-acclaimed African Giant and the Baddest.

Davido sharing some photos of himself showing off his new shoes said his wealth is generational and Burna Boy in his post subtly shaded Davido asking him to sit down for one chair as he also shows off his new shoes.

The two have been silently competing with each other in every aspect as they try to shade each other with everything they were even though their fashion sense isn’t as good as some other artists.

Screenshot below;