CCTV captures moment lady stole bone straight hair worth N200,000 from a store

CCTV footage showing the moment a lady went into a weave store and carted away a bone straight hair, has gone viral.

Bone Straight is a human hair wig which is currently trending in the fashion world.

In a footage sighted, the customer of a big hair shop, can be seen stealing one of the wigs on display in the shop.

The customer places the wig behind herself, away from the view of the unsuspecting shop attendant.

She goes on to ask the shop attendant to take pictures of another bone straight hair, as a form of distraction from the crime.

Twitter user @IamKellyJoe who shared the footage online, valued the hair bundle the lady stole at N200, 000. He however did not state where the incident occurred.

Social media users have reacted to the video saying, the lady needed not to steal the hair, as it is not necessary for one to wear a bone straight hair if one doesn’t have the funds to buy.

Watch the video below: