Cold Water Or Drink Does Not Cause Catarrh, Chest Infection, Or Pneumonia – Dr. Olufunmilayo Educates

Nigerian doctor Olufunmilayo has educated us about Catarrh, Chest Infection, and Pneumonia saying cold water, or drink, or being exposed to cold weather doesn’t cause any of these.

Most of us Africans usually think that taking in a lot of cold water or drink or being exposed to cold weather so much causes Catarrh, Chest Infection, and Pneumonia but today we get to learn that none of that is true and it doesn’t affect us.

According to Dr. Olufunmilayo, the catarrh is caused by a virus and pneumonia is a chest infection caused by a bacteria and virus and not what we’ve been thinking hence you can go ahead and drink your cold water or drink if you want and ignore all these lies.

He went ahead to explain the mode at which we get infected with catarrh and chest infection or pneumonia adding that the bacteria thrive in cold weather but it doesn’t mean cold air causes pneumonia or chest pain hence one can go ahead and enjoy everything.

Dr. Olufunmilayo then educated us on the difference between allergic rhinitis and catarrh saying even though both have the same symptoms one is caused by being sensitive or allergic to cold air/weather so if any of these things cause you to cough and things, stay away from it.

screenshot below;