Comedian Bovi Warns His Wife And Lady Who Grabbed Her Bum – Video

Comedian Bovi has warned his wife and a lady who grabbed his wife’s bum while on vacation not to come back to Nigeria if not what he will do to them.

Bovi reacting to the video of his wife’s nyash being grabbed by another woman warned that they all better not come back to Nigeria even though we don’t know what he will do to them when they return to Nigeria.

His wife sharing the video tagged comedian Bovi to come and see what she enjoyed for a couple of seconds and Bovi upon seeing that probably went angry hence warned his wife and the lady who grabbed her bum better not return.

Though it was a joke from his side just to show how angry he got upon seeing that another lady has grabbed his property and is playing with ii therefore he had to do something to show his displeasure hence the warning.

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Comedian Bovi just like every man got angry after probably seeing another lady grabbing his wife’s bum as most men don’t like even women to be playing with some part of their women’s body and this is just one of them.

Comedian Bovi’s wife also teased him by tagging him to come and see what another lady was doing to her adding that she enjoyed it therefore he warning that they better not come back after seeing that is normal.

screenshot below;