Comedian Klint Da Drunk Thanks God For Surviving An Accident

Comedian Klint Da Drunk has thanked God for his life after surviving a ghastly accident saying he can’t believe he was in that car looking at how the car got damaged after the accident.

Klint Da Drunk shared photos of how the car he was in before the accident got damaged and it’s only a miracle that he’s still alive today even if there were some scratches on his body, the good thing is he’s alive today.

Klint Da Drunk posted thanking God Almighty for the gift of life after saving his life and bringing him out of the car without a scratch on his body saying he can’t believe he was in that car that got damaged like that.

Fans and loved ones have joined him in thanking God for the gift of life by saving him from that accident because no one knows what would have happened if not for the intervention of God looking at how the car got damaged.

Klint Da Drunk is one popular comedian loved by almost everyone because of his jokes and how he is able to talk about issues in his jokes making it sound as if it’s nothing serious and also gives advice through some of his jokes.

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