Cuppy Makes Fun Of Herself For Not Being Able To Spell ‘Tomorrow’ At Her Age

Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has made fun of herself for not being able to spell ‘tomorrow’ correctly at her age and level of education.

Cuppy in a tweet made fun of herself first even before someone else could make fun of her saying at her big age and upon all her level of education, she can’t even spell ‘tomorrow’ correctly expressing how sad she is with an emoji.

According to Cuppy, at her big age and upon all getting into Oxford University, she still can’t spell tomorrow correctly spelling it ‘tommorrow’ making fun of herself first before any troll could make fun of her with that.

One thing Cuppy seems to have forgotten is that almost everyone makes a mistake no matter your level of education and there are some petty, petty words that some people still don’t know how to spell even if they have their Ph.D.

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Moreover, no one would have known that she (Cuppy) can’t spell ‘tomorrow’ at her big age and upon her level of education if she hadn’t tweeted and shared on her InstaStory to broadcast it for everyone to know.

This time around some netizens realized that spelling ‘tomorrow’ incorrectly isn’t something they could use to make fun of Cuppy or drag her hence decided to ignore her tweet and replied with some other things they want.

screenshot below;