Cuppy Replies A Bully Who Asked Her To Hit The Gym As She’s Becoming Fat

Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy angrily replied to a bully who asked her to hit the gym as she’s getting fat to get her usual form back.

DJ Cuppy has put on some weight, but that doesn’t give anyone the chance to bully her with that and this fan of hers got the perfect reply from her asking him/her to stop the cyberbully and let her live the life she pleases.

The fan commenting on a recent post of Cuppy sharing her idea of sexy decided to comment on her weight gain asking her to hit the gym and Cuppy gave it back to him/her as deserved, asking the person to stop cyberbullying.

DJ Cuppy sharing her own idea of sexy said it’s supposed to be less for more as the less you reveal your body to the public, the more people can wonder how exactly you are or how sexy you are and not revealing almost everything.

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Many people agreed with her that being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean you should reveal your whole body and private part for the entire world to see, but some others also disagreed with her.

In this era, most people usually show a lot of cleavages just to show how sexy they are and DJ Cuppy is drawing our attention to the fact that you can be sexy when you reveal less and make people wonder more about you.

screenshot below;