Customer Gives Waiter N103k Tip For Being Joyful While Doing His Job

A young waiter has narrated how a customer blessed him generously for carrying out his duties with excitement and

According to the man known as Elton Thamangani, he received a large tip from a generous customer for the mere fact that he engaged him in free-spirited conversations and served him with joy and happiness in his heart.

Taking to Facebook group #ImStaying, Elton wrote:

“Just thought I could share this there so many good people out there. When we opened restaurants after Level 3 lockdown, one of our local customers came to our restaurant and l served him with much joy as we had not seen each other for months; we laughed, talked and cracked jokes.

“When it was time for him to pay the bill of R3 800 (N98,506.18) he added R4 000 (N103,690.72) as a tip. At first I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t.

There is nothing that beats the joy of being loved and appreciated. I just want to say thank you. #ImStaying.