Daddy Freeze Attacks Christians Again – Says When Corruption Favors Them, They Call It Grace

Media personality Daddy Freeze has launched a new attack on Christians again saying when corruption favors them they call it grace and not corruption.

Daddy Freeze for a while now has been attacking the church over some things they consciously or unconsciously do and this time around it’s about how corrupt some Christians are and they term it as grace when it’s not.

According to Daddy Freeze, we aren’t ready to have this conversation about Christians terming corruption as grace only when it favors them but think otherwise when things don’t go in their favor as expected.

We all including Daddy Freeze give corruption a different name to suit our conscience when it favors us and that is why most people who aren’t even Christians term corruption as a connection at some point in time.

There’s corruption in every sector and just as Daddy Freeze said when it favors you, you give it a name that will suit your conscience and that is why most Christians term it as grace and not corruption just to suit their conscience.

And it’s true no one is ready to have the conversation about corruption because most people won’t allow themselves to understand that what they term as grace, connections, and other names all comes under corruption favoring them.

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