Daddy Freeze Roast A Troll Who Claimed His Ex-wife Used To Beat Him Till He Faints

Media personality Daddy Freeze has roasted a troll who said his ex-wife used to beat him until he faints after jubilating over the divorce of another.

Daddy Freeze commenting on a post of a South African man jubilating over his divorce said that is exactly how he also jubilated full of excitement when his divorce from his ex-wife was finally finalized making him a free man.

A troll commenting on that said she knows how Daddy Freeze feels considering the alleged number of times his ex-wife used to beat him blue-black that sometimes leads to him passing out, she’s very glad for him coming out of that marriage.

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Daddy Freeze replying to that roasted the troll saying she might have indulged in a little Igbo and mistaken her father home for him saying is her father who was beaten blue-black and not him as his ex-wife didn’t touch him.

Netizens reacting to his reply made fun of him saying he has been really hurt with what the troll said and mostly surprised that someone knows his ex-wife use to beat him until he passes out sometimes.

screenshot below;