“Dating 30+ men is an extreme sport” – Lady says as she narrates how her friend’s boyfriend got married to someone else

A Ghanaian Lady has taken to Twitter to reveal that her friend’s boyfriend got married to someone else over the weekend.

Lady says

According to the lady with handle @naa_yorks, her friend called her boyfriend while the ceremony was going on, but promised to call back because the place was noisy, unknown to her that he was at his wedding.

She concluded by saying dating men that are over 30 years old is an extreme sport.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote,

“My friend’s boyfriend got married yesterday lmaooo. I just knew someone’s boyfriend was gonna get married yesterday. The weddings were just too many. I just didn’t know my friend was going to be a victim. Funny part is they spoke on phone whilst the ceremony was ongoing.

Dating 30+ men ankasa it’s an extreme sport. You just have to be praying everyday you don’t find out they’re married the next Saturday.”

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