‘Dating And Breakups Prepares You For Divorce Not Marriage’ — Wesley

A Nigerian media personality known on Twitter as Wesley Adi has shed light on the concept of dating and breakups in relationships.

The conversation as to how breakup in relationship positively and negatively impacts on partners has remained a dilemma to many as whilst some make logical inferences to this, others make emotional commentaries that in a way that trivialise the issue.

According to Wesley Adi, dating does not prepare one for marriage because breakup in relationship which is imminent in a relation prepares the person for divorce and not marriage.

He believes that the cycle of breaking up with a partner makes one become used it to the point that he or she feels she can still walk away from their marriage as it makes no difference.

Truth is dating does not prepare you for marriage. That cycle of dating and breaking up only prepares you for one thing… Divorce! Because walking away becomes ingrained in you. he tweeted.

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See his tweet below;