Denrele Edun Reveals How His Sister Lost Her Job Because She’s Related To Him

Denrele Edun in a supposed interview with Chude Jideonwo disclosed that his sister who is a primary school teacher lost her job a few days ago after the headteacher found out that she was related to him.

According to Denrele Edun, his sister called him to give him the bad news that she has lost her job just because she’s related to him and the headteacher claimed he can’t take the risk of allowing parents to withdraw their kids because of her.

Denrele added that he was saddened by the call of his sister as her knowledge, skills, and competence weren’t valued but the fact that he’s related to him was what was important to the headteacher and she lost her job at that instance.

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Denrele Edun also added that he felt so bad that his name could ruin things for his sister and that is why she sometimes denies knowing him just to get things done and not risk losing another thing because of him.

Denrele Edun is ruining things for his sister and family because he chose to use his feminine aspect the most even though he’s a man and that has made things hard for his family even though he’s popular and making money with his feminine aspect.

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