Divorce: Rudeboy’s Wife, Anita Demanding N7.8 Million Monthly Spousal Support

One of the major headlines that dominated the various news portals this week involves Nigerian singer, Rudeboy and his wife, Anita Okoye.

Anita Okoye is seeking divorce and the latest development is that she is asking the musician for $15,000 (N7.8M) monthly as spousal support.⁣

This was included in the petition she filed before an Abuja High Court and that part of the document reads;

“Payment of a monthly maintenance sum of $15,000.00 (N7.8m) for the general welfare, education and health of the three children of the union who are presently in schools in the United States of America until they are of age.”

Nigerians have reacted to this latest development and here are some of the reactions we gathered;

_mmesomachukwu – Before you respond, please read what that 7.8m covers, including education and accommodation. she knows his worth and it’s America we’re talking about.

ada_peperempe – She took ‘chop my money’ personally 😂

zayxon_tech – You reading this, your marriage will prosper, you won’t hear anything like divorce in your family

official_comfybae – Marry your tribe marry your tribe now see😑

ladyque_1 – That’s 93m per year. She wan turn rude boy to broke boy

lifeoforia____ – Nah thief dey her eye😂😂😂 where Paul see d money? Mtcheeeew

ochendu_travel_collections – Financially supporting shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment. Only if men understand what women go through in taking care of children.

igi_iroko – The same clown that had a whole village abusing Lola, hated her because she was Yoruba. The clown is just being served by karma. No sympathy for tribalistic clowns

only1lavidaaah – Actually To be sincere my parents kicked against me Nd my younger brother never to get married to a Yoruba woman..