DJ Cuppy Reveals How Magical It Was When She Dated A 23yrs old Guy

Billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy has revealed how magical it was for her when she dated someone younger than her last year as she discloses she has no problem dating someone younger than her.

DJ Cuppy during a question and answer session with fans disclosed that she can date someone younger than her and even revealed that she dated a 23yrs old guy last year and it was magical for her and she’s currently 28yrs old now.

DJ Cuppy seems to love young and foreign guys a lot as even before this she had shared a photo of a young guy she insinuated to be dating last month and the guy looks so young and energetic just like the 23yrs old guy she dated last year.

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Currently, DJ Cuppy is single per her reply to a fan’s question and it makes us believe that she isn’t interested in a long-term relationship since she already dated someone last year and is single this year or it’s either she’s throwing dust into our eyes.

Even though DJ Cuppy has once claimed that there’s no way she’s going to allow anyone to force her into a relationship, we think she’s saying that because she couldn’t handle her old relationships well and now she’s much more interested in building her empire than having a relationship.

Screenshot below;